ECON Coatings

The ECON Coatings division allow many coatings for all substrates including steel, timber and concrete.

ECON Coatings

Econ provides innovative, non slip industrial flooring treatment that is both effective and cost-efficient. All flooring solutions offered are modern, meet national safety standards, Zero VOCs and inert, with firm adhesion to all surfaces. It helps improve safety in accident-prone areas without affecting the appearance of the flooring. The protective coatings and flooring solutions industry is constantly developing and adapting to modern requirements and Econ is at the forefront of that evolution.

Traditional Magma boards are expensive and notoriously difficult to install on site. Our solutions can be applied on all substrates including steel, timber and concrete.

Leading Coatings Provider

Some of the factors that contribute to our position as a leading provider of non slip industrial flooring are:

  • Site Surveys: We conduct thorough research of the site. We take into consideration factors such as traffic, site requirements, area to be covered, etc. Once that is done, our experts draw up a detailed plan on how to carry out the floor coating to best protect the floor and the people who use it.
  • Minimal Curing Time: Our cutting-edge flooring solutions offer greatly accelerated curing times. This means that there is minimal downtime during the project. We work round the clock to ensure speedy turnaround time, allowing you to return to normal functioning without delay. The Prokol products can be applied using Hot Spray for extremely fast curing times and return to service and hand applied with quartz sand to give more slip resistance.
  • Assured Quality: All our flooring solutions meet the British Standard for Anti-Slip and LRV. Additionally, we also provide warranty options that range between 20-50 years. This allows you to stay assured that the non slip industrial flooring will offer excellent functionality.
  • Adaptable Services: We offer floor coating and non slip industrial flooring solutions in London for a variety of different settings. Be it waterproofing or providing resistance against common acids and alkalis, we cover all requirements in addition to anti-slip coatings.

The areas where we have used this product on the Railway Infrastructure include: Walkways, Foot Bridges, Sub-Station roofs, Raised Platforms, Platform Ends and Stair Nosings.

Our Coatings division recently produced a sample board to replace weathered and worn boards on a raised platform. This was tested for its anti-slip qualities and passed the BS7976-2 standard.

Our Accreditations

Customer Reviews

"We found Econ to be talented and professional. We recently employed them to undertake some regeneration work to help us prepare for the building of our new Queen Elizabeth II Centre. Our experience of working with them was excellent. They were conscientious and efficient when working to a tight deadline and we have no hesitation recommending them for other projects."


"Also evident was the pride the staff have in what they do and the care they take to work safely at all times and offer the best service possible to their clients"

BAE Systems

"I have worked with Econ on many projects within London Underground and Network Rail infrastructure. Econ have always been very proactive in their approach to the projects and have worked collaboratively with my teams from the very early stages. I would definitely recommend them to others"

Morgan Sindall

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