Remote Demolition

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Remote Demolition

As specialist demolition contractors we use a variety of tools, machinery and methods to ensure the most effective and cost effective result for our customers. Demolition robots have come of age in recent years and our technicians can utilise and control them to clear a site in a highly efficient way.

We utilise ‘state of the art’ Brokk demolition robots to remove large and small concrete structures and quickly clear the site for the next stage of a project.

Where appropriate we believe Robots Rule because they:

  • Offer powerful performance, producing around five times more power than traditional machines
  • Allow access to challenging areas which would be difficult to reach with traditional demolition excavators
  • Minimise health and safety risks as operators can be positioned remotely
  • Are electric powered so can be used on sites where fossil fuel emissions and engine noise is unacceptable
  • Ideal for hostile environments, such as kilns or radioactive areas.

Our Accreditations

Customer Reviews

"I have worked with Econ on many projects within London Underground and Network Rail infrastructure. Econ have always been very proactive in their approach to the projects and have worked collaboratively with my teams from the very early stages. I would definitely recommend them to others"

Morgan Sindall

"Also evident was the pride the staff have in what they do and the care they take to work safely at all times and offer the best service possible to their clients"

BAE Systems

"We found Econ to be talented and professional. We recently employed them to undertake some regeneration work to help us prepare for the building of our new Queen Elizabeth II Centre. Our experience of working with them was excellent. They were conscientious and efficient when working to a tight deadline and we have no hesitation recommending them for other projects."