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Econ Group proudly supports demolition apprenticeship schemes in London and Southern region. The industry requires more qualified operatives, we have already seen a major gap in the skill set with 20% of current workers due to retire within the next ten years.

We believe in making the key investments required today to help the works force of tomorrow. Everyone should be given a chance to have a successful career in the demolition industry. We help young person’s make that step into the industry for the first time.

We work closely with key clients to ensure they are educated in the correct manner and gain the right level of experience over time. We look to have experienced operatives’ mentor them along the way.

Apprenticeships for other trades in construction are common yet it is still very hard to find a college or business to take on young bright people to become the next generation of demolition operatives or field service engineers.

We believe there is no one better to deliver these type of training courses than the people who have been in the industry both in the past or present. All instructors hold the correct teaching skill set required by UK legislation.

“We believe in the operatives of tomorrow today, we want to play our part as a responsible and professional business in the UK” – Operations Manager – Liam Moore

If you have a passion for demolition and would like to know more about the apprenticeship schemes that are currently running across the region or any of our training courses, please contact us on: enquiries@econgroup.co.uk

“We were impressed with the approach used by you operation team to carry out the works both professional and diligently. Econ were very accommodating to meet our needs from the initial presentations prepared on strategy to mitigate risks and throughout execution of the works and keeping us fully informed and giving us the confidence we needed. The approach of Econ Site supervisors and visiting managers through to operatives on site was always of a high standard and good-natured and we are pleased to give credit where it is due. On site initiatives by the team from demonstrations /videos of emergency procedures when working in asbestos enclosures and working with consistent site uniforms contributed to the site achieving a Kier ‘Blue’ for best practice and working above standards. This was an excellent example of collaborative working and a joint approach to promptly overcome some of the challenges with asbestos and how best to deal with this along with working near challenging neighbours’ properties, the school and the church.”

Demolition and Asbestos Removal Sept 2023

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