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July 7, 2020




HV Power


Removal of redundant 66/33kVa transformers and associated plant from 4No sites. Sub-contract works to remove the feeders and associated pilot cables from trackside locations.




Econ have been contracted to remove 4No redundant transformer sites, all of which have their unique access challenges.

(1) is a small site immediately off a residential road with insufficient space to operate, with previously unknown live electrical feeds with further problems caused by historic vandalism

(2) is located down an embankment in the vee between two sets of tracks with access off a road requiring a partial highway closure.  Econ built a significant haul road to access the site, remove the transformer oils and then remove the transformers by shearing.  The operations were challenged by the presence of multiple live electrical cables from access point to the worksite.

(3) is located in a busy operational Network Rail substation and depot.  Access is via a residential road and crosses multiple shallow HV cables.  The redundant transformers to be removed are located immediately adjacent vulnerable essential equipment.  

(4) the last is at the end of a busy industrial estate, located between two viaducts with hundreds of surface laid cables to cross with plant and arisings.

Econ have completed two of the four sites and are about to start the 3rd.

The other part of the works include the removal of oil from the feeder cables between substations and the subsequent recovery of the feeder cables and associated pilot cables between the substations.  These works are undertaken during possessions and require RRV.  We have been supported in this element of the works by specialist electrical company Sonic Rail Services.

The first of many possessions was successful and we hope that follow-on possessions in week 14, 15 & 19 run as smoothly.

The Coronavirus Pandemic hit whilst we were on the second of the transformer sites.  Works were temporarily stood down by our client, but resumed 4-weeks later.  Our control measures have been recognised favourably by our client.

Staffing Requirements:

Transformer works:
Excellent Demo supervisor
Excellent plant operator (35t Excavator)
CCDO operatives
Sub-contract HVCP
Sub-contract COSS
Cable Recovery
PTS staff
Econ HGV Skip lorry driver
Level A & HV Comp staff, NG trained staff with Confined space training
Civils staff

Training Required:

As above

Equipment/Plant Used:

35t Excavator with dedicated shear

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“We were impressed with the approach used by you operation team to carry out the works both professional and diligently. Econ were very accommodating to meet our needs from the initial presentations prepared on strategy to mitigate risks and throughout execution of the works and keeping us fully informed and giving us the confidence we needed. The approach of Econ Site supervisors and visiting managers through to operatives on site was always of a high standard and good-natured and we are pleased to give credit where it is due. On site initiatives by the team from demonstrations /videos of emergency procedures when working in asbestos enclosures and working with consistent site uniforms contributed to the site achieving a Kier ‘Blue’ for best practice and working above standards. This was an excellent example of collaborative working and a joint approach to promptly overcome some of the challenges with asbestos and how best to deal with this along with working near challenging neighbours’ properties, the school and the church.”

Demolition and Asbestos Removal Sept 2023

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