Enabling more than a ‘little’ help for a leading supermarket redevelopment

Econ Group was appointed as principal contractor for the asbestos removal, demolition, reduce dig and piling mat works for a recent supermarket redevelopment in Foots Cray, Sidcup. The works had to be delivered within a twenty- week period as the store needed to re-open within a certain timeframe to ensure any loss of income from the location was kept to a minimum.

As the single storey car park with 2 levels of parking was attached to the boundary of several flats and properties, it required a full assessment by our structural engineers. They had to design the removal process without having any negative impact on the private properties. This was further complicated by party wall agreements in place which meant legal documents were required along with plans for demolition, dust migration, the control of noise and vibration monitoring. A report was produced and issued to the residents to keep them informed of all planned works.

With adjacent structures needing to be preserved and only a section of the building needing to be removed, selective demolition was employed. Our skilled operators used both heavy machinery, such as excavators and high-reach demolition machines, as well as hand demolition techniques to carefully dismantle the specific section, leaving the remaining structure intact.

It was important during the project works to consider the impact this would have on the residents. To ensure this was kept to a minimum, equipment was specifically chosen and used to supress both noise and vibration. Although our operatives were working on a short deadline, they still managed to limit the amount of noise during the works, which meant residents were able to enjoy some peace and quiet as well as time to relax during the working day.

The project was completed on budget and within the 20-week deadline, enabling the next stage of the redevelopment plans for the supermarket to proceed without delay.

“We were impressed with the approach used by you operation team to carry out the works both professional and diligently. Econ were very accommodating to meet our needs from the initial presentations prepared on strategy to mitigate risks and throughout execution of the works and keeping us fully informed and giving us the confidence we needed. The approach of Econ Site supervisors and visiting managers through to operatives on site was always of a high standard and good-natured and we are pleased to give credit where it is due. On site initiatives by the team from demonstrations /videos of emergency procedures when working in asbestos enclosures and working with consistent site uniforms contributed to the site achieving a Kier ‘Blue’ for best practice and working above standards. This was an excellent example of collaborative working and a joint approach to promptly overcome some of the challenges with asbestos and how best to deal with this along with working near challenging neighbours’ properties, the school and the church.”

Demolition and Asbestos Removal Sept 2023

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